Does Nichiren Buddhism work for everyone?

Nichiren Buddhism teaches that the potential for Buddhahood exists in all people without exception. All people also possess the potential for delusion, specifically the delusion that they are incapable of attaining the indestructible happiness that comes with enlightenment. The practice of Buddhism is the means by which to discard delusion and reveal the Buddhahood within.

Awakening the Buddhahood in all people, not merely a select group, is the solemn vow of a Buddha. The Lotus Sutra articulates this vow in a passage we recite morning and evening as part of our Nichiren Buddhist practice, "At all times I think to myself:/ How can I cause living beings/ to gain entry into the unsurpassed way/ and quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?" (The Lotus Sutra, p. 232).

Because Buddhism is based on profound universal compassion, adopting its principles will result in benefit for all, regardless of whether they are actually Buddhist practitioners. The greatest fortune, however, derives from real dedication to the three fundamentals, or pillars, of our teaching: faith, practice and study.