The pamphlet Issues Between the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood and the Soka Gakkai, Vol. 5, describes many ways in which Nikken Abe, as head of Nichiren Shoshu, has acted counter to the teachings and spirit of the Daishonin's Buddhism. Among them:

1) He plotted to destroy the harmonious unity of believers.

This refers to the scheme that Nikken himself dubbed "Operation C11 (the plot to discredit SGI President Ikeda and dissolve the Soka Gakkai. Details of this operation are reported in SGI-USA Newsletter, vol. i, no. 6, November 18 ,1991, issue.)

2) He is the cause for the decadence and corruption of the priesthood.

Nikken's personal grudge against the SGI seems to stem in part from SGI's decision to speak out against the widespread extravagance and corruption within the priesthood, as typified by Nikken's own opulent lifestyle.

3) He conspired with disgruntled former members and sensationalist journalists to defame the SGI.

It is well known that long-time anti-Gakkai plotter Masatomo Yamazaki, and anti-Gakkai journalist Isao Dan, have conspired with Nikken in his campaign against the Soka Gakkai.Yamazaki, who was imprisoned three years for extortion, wrote a letter to Nikken advising him which publications would be wining to print scandalous articles about the Gakkai without verifying facts.

4) He rejects dialogue and treats members with disdain.

Nikken never responded to the Soka Gakkai's repeated requests for dialogue after the temple unjustly accused it, although the Gakkai leadership - including President Ikeda - had visited Taiseki-Ji

on a monthly basis for many years. Nikken has instructed priests explicitly to be more concerned about getting members to leave the Gakkai than about those members' faith and happiness.

5) He betrayed the laity's sincere faith in the priesthood.

Hundreds of Nichiren Shoshu temples, from which the priesthood operates to attack the SGI's kosen-rufu movement, were donated by the Soka Gakkai. In addition, much of the priesthood's finances and assets derive from the donations of Soka Gakkai members made over the decades. Nevertheless, he has been using these venues to denounce these very people.

6) He promotes the danto (direct temple membership) movement, which he formerly regarded as an incorrect way of propagating the Law.

Nikken is behind efforts by temples to rmislead SGI members about their organization in order to entice them to join the temple. He also plays a key role in the global dissemination of false and defamatory articles and rumors about the SGI.

7) He stopped issuing the Gohonzon to SGI members.

Nikken used the Gohonzon and the members' faith in it in an attempt to bait Gakkai members to Join the temple. He eventually refused to issue the Gohonzon to SGI members. His aim was to gain adherents by being the only source of Gohonzon for new believers.

8) He excommunicated the SGI.

It is now a historical fact that Nichiren Shoshu, a clerical body headed up by Nikken and consisting of no more than 1,000 priests, excommunicated the global organization of the Daishonin's Buddhism that comprises some 10 million practitioners in 128 nations. This is an act unprecedented in the history of world religion.

9) He altered the doctrines of Nichiren Daishonin's teachings.

In the Daishonin's teaching, any ordinary person who sincerely embraces the Gohonzon and chants the Mystic Law is viewed as a true Buddha. Nikken preaches the view that he is the sole possessor of true enlightenment; that others can only hope to attain this state in the future through their connection to him.

10) He exerts the power of an absolute dictator within the priesthood.

Nikken has changed Nichiren Shoshu's bylaws arbitrarily, time and again, to stifle any criticism of his leadership from the laity and any opposition from within the priesthood.

Priests who have left Nichiren Shoshu in protest of Nikken's actions unanimously agree that the priesthood had no justifiable reason for attacking the Soka Gakkai from the outset. From their view as insiders, the entire situation was triggered by Nikken's ego and emotionalism.

While the Soka Gakkai's original purpose remains unchanged, Nikken's perverse nature has placed him in direct opposition to the noble cause of kosen-rufu. While he may insist that as high priest he is the sole possessor of the Law, the Law is not something one can possess. It belongs to everyone, and is inherent in everything.

These are among the many reasons why Nikken is unfit to serve as high priest, and why the SGI has called for his immediate resignation.

A Pamphlet Published by the Soka Gakkai International-USA, 1997.