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Women's #2 June 21-24

What is the focus of this conference?

Our prayer and determination is that each woman who participates in this conference will have a life-transforming experience in faith.

The theme for the conference is our 2013 SGI theme: The Year of Victory for a Youthful SGI.

Presentations will include an in depth lecture on the gosho “The Workings of Brahma and Shakra” by our Women’s Leader Linda Johnson. In addition we will have presentations designed to enable women to deepen their faith and utilize their Buddhist practice to the fullest, applying these principles to their daily lives. Wonderful experiences will be shared, illustrating each woman’s own actual proof in faith. This will include an experience by our own Matilda Buck.

Be prepared for a joyful exhilarating experience. You will laugh, sing, and create new friendships with women from across the country. And most importantly, you will transform your life.


Who should apply to this conference?

This conference is open to all women's division members.

Who are the facilitators?

Danny Nagashima


Women’s Leader

David Witkowski


SGI North America Vice Women’s Leader

Cliff Sawyer


East Territory Women’s Leader

Barbara Snyder


Central Territory Women’s Leader

Melanie Merians


West Territory
Vice Leader

(Due to unexpected schedule changes, facilitators may change.)