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Family and Future Division: July 26-29

What is the focus of this conference?

This conference provides families the special opportunity to experience and enjoy the power of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism together as a family.

President Ikeda writes: "Children are precious treasures of the future. All children have the right to happiness. No child is without his or her precious mission. Parents are challenging themselves every day to raise their children, and their work is truly praiseworthy. To them I offer my utmost support. The twenty-first century must become an era for all parents and children to walk the great path of happiness."

This conference functions on several levels simultaneously. The children are working together to learn and explore Buddhist concepts while deepening their faith as disciples of Nichiren Daishonin. They also develop a heart to heart connection with Sensei. All activities are age appropriate and carefully designed to stimulate and engage these precious members of the Future Division. The children get a chance to make new friends and have a wonderful time exploring FNCC.

While the children are busy, parents and guardians have the opportunity to deepen their faith by studying both the gosho, and President Ikeda's guidance, to have opportunities for Q & A and to receive faith encouragement from the SGI-USA leaders. It is a great opportunity for the adults to meet other parents/guardians and be able to discuss parenting issues and concerns. Families also have a wonderful chance to spend quality time together while joyfully exploring Buddhism with their children.


Who should apply to this conference?

The conference is open to all families with Future Division members:

  • ESD ages: 5 ~ 12
  • JHHS ages: 13 ~ 17

Who are the facilitators?

Ian McIlraith


Future Division Leader

Barbara Petkov


SGI-USA Future Division Women’s Leader

Lee Malone


SGI-USA Future Division Men’s Leader

Keiko Kubo


SGI-USA Future Division Young Women’s Leader

Nico Aragon


SGI-USA Future Division Young Men’s Leader

(Due to unexpected schedule changes, facilitators may change.)