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Arts: June 14-17

What is the focus of this conference?

In his February 9 message to the 63rd Headquarters Leaders Meeting in Japan, President Ikeda included this promise: "Today, I would like to make a pledge together with all of you—a pledge to bring flowers of victory into full bloom in our lives."

To engrave this pledge in our lives, we have chosen the theme, "Together With All of You." This gathering of artists from throughout the SGI-USA will provide a forum to expand and deepen our understanding of how we can, through our Buddhist practice, bring "flowers of victory into full bloom in our lives."

The conference will include:

  • Gosho lecture by SGI-USA General Director Danny Nagashima, highlighting prayer, the oneness of mentor and disciple, and the concept of Ďmany in body one in mindí
  • Gosho lecture by SGI-USA Womenís Leader Linda Johnson
  • Workshops and small group discussions by discipline
  • Inspiring and motivating experiences from SGI-USA artists
  • An opportunity to view Ikeda Hall and America Mentor & Disciple Hall Exhibits
  • A viewing of the documentary Traveler for Peace

The conference is a rare opportunity to come together with others who face similar challenges in their life and work, addressing such questions as:

How do I keep from losing my dream when it seems so far away?

How do I deal with the constant rejection of an artistís life?

How can I inspire others when Iím not setting the world on fire myself?

How do I bring faith to my creative process or to the audition process?

How can I contribute my creativity to more vibrant, innovative discussion meetings?

How do I help to foster young artists in the SGI?

Please join us for this life-changing 2013 Arts Department Conference as we solidify the foundation for a shared victory with our mentor. See you there!

Who should apply to this conference?

Calling all artists!! If you are active in the arts, training in the arts, retired from the arts, or simply love the arts, please join us!

Who are the facilitators?

Carmela Menchaca

Carmela Menchaca

Arts Department Women’s

Kay  Yoshikawa


Arts Department Men’s

Wayne Green


West Territory
Arts Department Leader



East Territory
Arts Department Leader



Almeda B.

(Due to unexpected schedule changes, facilitators may change.)